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A STAMMA love letter

At CNS, it has always been one of our aims to promote diversity and equality in all its forms. We speak up about this because prejudice and disadvantage are worse for being hidden and therefore accepted by default.

So, it has been good to see Jack supporting STAMMA campaign No diversity without disfluency” — most recently by making some video love letters to the media for Valentine’s Day. As the STAMMA web site says:

You have the power to help us create a world where stammering is visible and accepted; where those who stammer can feel at ease with how they talk. Stammering is normal. Include us in your world - whether in the script room, as runners or in front of the camera. Our voices need to be heard. We’re just like you, we just talk differently.

There are two other reasons why we are pleased to see Jack hitting social media.

  1. Jack has been involved in many award-winning videos, but up to now always safely behind the camera.
  2. Beth says no one is less likely to write a love letter — we tend to agree!

You can follow the STAMMA campaign on Twitter — look for the hashtag #NoDiversityWithoutDisfluency — and sign the petition at https://www.change.org/p/bbc-channel4-skynews-we-need-to-hear-and-see-people-who-stammer-on-tv-radio-all-year-round-not-just-a-day

And there is more information on the STAMMA website.


By the way, Jack is starting his own blog on substack. You can follow him here. https://jacknicholas.substack.com/

Posted on May 9, 2022   #jack     #stammer  

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